Miracles Today

Here are some testimonies from India where God has been honouring the Prayer Cloth Ministry

K. Ramesh aged 13 years had been suffering from heart disease for 7 years. He was prayed for with your anointed prayer cloth. The boy was taken for a check up by a famous heart specialist doctor who found the disease was cured and the small hole formed in his heart was cured and no operation was needed. All the villagers wondered about this great miracle and they believed Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and the boy's family also believed Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. Pastor M David Raju.

Koti Reddy had one eye that would not work properly I shared the Word of God with him and used your prayer cloth on his eyes. Now he is healed, praise God, hallelujah. Rev Mani R Nadava.

K Mahankalamma I am an old woman with nobody to help me. I am suffering from a heart attack and terrible pain that I cannot express. Pastor S Babu came to our village preaching the gospel. Someone told him about my sickness and he came and talked with me. He brought healing prayer cloths with him and laying it on me he prayed for me. Immediately all pain is gone. All glory to God. The rest of my days I will live for God. Please remember me in your prayers.

K Basavababu was suffering from a brain tumour for the last two years. He visited all Hindu Temples but no cure of brain tumour and he was admitted to hospital in Hyderabad for operation. The doctor said "No hope". Meanwhile he heard the gospel of Christ and accepted Jesus as his personal saviour with his family by me. I used miracle prayer cloth for his cure. He was healed by Jesus Christ. He took Baptism with his family and he and his family are members in our church and worship the Lord. God did a great miracle in our brother's life and there is no need of brain tumour operation. Pastor M Samson

G Ratnamma I belong to Hindus family. My native village is Komminenivaripalem. From seven years I suffered sever bleeding and was too much weakness and near to death. I prayed to God and used your blessed prayer cloth. New faith came into my heart and the bleeding stopped. I praise the Lord Jesus for healing me.

Blood cancer trouble healed I was belonging to a Arya Vysya Hindu's family. Pastor A. Nava Bharatha Rao put in my body blessed miracle prayer cloth. He prayed in Jesus Name. I am healed giving glory to Jesus. Praise the Lord. My name is M Subba Rao.

Leper Testifies I was attacked by leprosy. I was very sick in mind and in body Through prayer and a blessed prayer cloth I am healed giving glory in Christ Jesus Name. My name is Ramakoteswara Rao.

Deaf man hears I live in Krosurn village. My hearing was greatly impaired. Through your blessed miracle prayer cloth I heard God's voice. Now I am completely healed by Jesus Name. My name is G Vandanam..

Heart pain healed I was in much pain in both my arms and legs and could not work properly. Pastor A Navabharatha Rao brought me your God blessed prayer cloth and my pain was gone. It vanished within five days. I thank Jesus with all my heart. I am praise the Lord. My name is Krishna Babu.

Sugar trouble and body weakness healed I am suffering from five years with sugar trouble and body sickness. Through your blessed prayer cloth I am completely healed by Jesus Name. Praise the Lord. My name is K. Moses.

Fever cured My name is G. Mariamma. I was struck down with fever .Pastor A.N.B. Rao put your prayer cloth on my body. He prayed in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. God came into my heart. The fever is gone and my health has been restored.

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Here are more examples of amazing answers to prayer

Asian Children HealedTwo Asian boys suffering skin diseased were healed during our central Leicester crusade. One boy had eczema covering his arms legs and body. The complaint disappeared in three days.

Deaf Ears Opened``A number of deaf and hard of hearing have testified to being healed through the power of God. One man, completely deaf in one ear was able to hear a whisper after deliverance. An elderly lady wearing a deaf aid testified she was able to discard it after prayer.

Pneumonia healed One of my Grandson's Great Grandmothers was in hospital, sick with pneumonia, and was asking me to visit her. I took one of Bro. Peter's prayer cloths with me, laid it on her and prayed. After I had prayed she just trembled out of the pneumonia and a nurse came and took the drip out of her body because she was healed. Thank God for Jesus! Mrs. L. Bundy. Leeds.

Home Exorcised I was asked to deliver a house troubled by evil spirits. Four years previously the owner had vacated the premises to live in a local hotel. the house was disturbed by voices, noises and the movement of objects. He became a Christian and now conducts fellowship meetings in the house once troubled by evil.

88 Year Old Blessed After suffering with a skin disorder for 20 years an aged mother testified to a wonderful night's sleep and the soreness and her skin discomfort easing in a remarkable way. Another 82 year old made a wonderful recovery from pneumonia after receiving a blessed prayer handkerchief in Jesus' Name.

Delivered from Fear A North London wife, housebound for three years, was afraid to leave her house. We went and ministered deliverance in the Name of Jesus. The following day she visited her local supermarket and with her husband, took home the weekly shopping.

Occult Deliverance Hazel was involved in occult practices for many years, and became a spirit medium. She was exorcised and delivered in our South London crusade and transformed into an outgoing Holy Spirit filled Christian.

Alcoholic Saved Sheena became an alcoholic having been abused as a child. She called on the Lord and was delivered by the power of God. She is a bright Christian, ready and willing to testify of the wonderful deliverance she received from the Lord.

Multiple Problems I have suffered with chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma. I received a prayer cloth from you and placed it next to my lungs.....I experienced a warm tingling feeling for about 20 minutes. I went out this day without my asthma puffer (a miracle), it was my first stroll in the country for two years. My headache (due to asthma puffer overuse) vanished as well. I can't thank you enough. Marilyn Ropeleski, Georgetown, Canada.

Leprosy healed I had leprosy on my back! I took many medicines but was not healed. I wrote to Peter Scothern for prayer and he sent me a prayer hankie (Acts 19:11-12) and Jesus healed me. R. Srihiri Rentachintala, India.

The Prayer Cloth Ministry Many people have been healed as a result of this ministry. An example of the testimonies received is given by Pastor M.E.S.Aseervadam of India. He says, "Your miracle healing cloth is great. Yes, God is doing wonders when I keep it on the persons and pray in Jesus' Name, many diseases are being healed. One woman named Veera has been suffering from Tuberculosis. I kept the cloth on her back and prayed fervently. Gradually she was healed. Now she has gained weight and there are no traces of T.B. Another woman named Mariyamma has asthma. On one rainy evening she got heavy exhaustion and not able to breath. The doctors trails were futile. I kept the miracle cloth sent by you on her back and prayed along with my Assistant Pastor. God touched her immediately with His gracious Hand and she slept happily that night after many a day. The testimonies are innumerable."

The Healing miracle Sandra requested a prayer cloth and as a result she says:- "When I received the package at 11am I read the information inside then taped the cloth to my side. I have fatty tumours behind my liver that I had removed once before. My side was so sore and swollen I could hardly stand to have just the weight of the cloth against it. In thirty minutes the pain was almost unbearable. It went away after an hour. By the time that two hours had passed I could bend over. After three hours had passed the swelling was down to the point when I showed my husband. Even he was surprised. By six o'clock I could wash the dishes without having to sit down before they were finished. I slept with the cloth and when I got up in the morning all the swelling was gone and my kidney was functioning as normal. I am no longer tired and feel like I am ten years younger. I am hoping I can go get a job now.

The Dumb Speak"I live in a village of East Godavari District. I was dumb and unable to speak. I worshipped idols to try to get healed. I was given three pamphlets and a prayer cloth by Pastor Singh. I kept the prayer cloth 3 days and confessed my sins before the cross of Jesus. Now I belong to Christ and can speak.......... Praise the Lord!" K. Swarnalatha, India.

Leukaemia Cure Rumi was 18 months old when she became ill with leukaemia. Blood transfusions helped to keep her alive; with three months to live she received the laying on of hands in the Name of Jesus. Now 18 years old she is fit and well.

Leprosy healed A Leper testifies. "I was attacked by leprosy and was very sick in mind and body Through prayer and a blessed prayer cloth I am healed and give Glory in Jesus' Name. My name is Ramakoteswara Rao." India.

Alcoholic Saved Sheena became alcoholic having been abused as a child. She called on the Name of the Lord and was delivered by the power of God. She is a bright Christian and is ready and willing to testify to the wonderful deliverance she received from the Lord.

Deliverance from Bitterness An Eastbourne woman requested personal counselling. She was bound for many years with a root of bitterness because of her childhood upbringing. After deliverance she wept with joy to find her mind at rest and her heart at peace with God.

Delivered from Fear A mother wrote to say that her little girl was afraid to sleep in her bedroom. She insisted on having a light and the door open. After encouraging and praying for the child she is now unafraid and able to sleep without fears.

Jewess finds Jesus During our Eastbourne Convention a Jewess opened her heart to the Lord Jesus; she wept with joy as God's Peace and Presence became a reality in her life. She explained later how after narrowly escaping the 2nd World War holocaust she had for most of her life been seeking for God's Truth.

Heart Pains"I often felt wild pains in my heart, I was admitted to hospital and received some treatment. My husband gave me your blessed prayer cloth and within 30 minutes all my pain was gone. I am praising the Lord!" M Yesudayamma. India

Ulcer healed after 30 years I have been asking for prayer for a close friend who has been suffering from ulcerated legs for over 30 years. Today I received a letter to say that her ulcers had been healed. We are praising God together for this wonderful answer to prayer. Also one of our deacons sent a prayer request that the Lord would enable him to sell his car. This prayer has also been answered. God bless you brother Peter.

Delivered from Arthritis Elizabeth Way testifies to Divine Healing from arthritis . Almost crippled with arthritis she attended our Bath City service where God’s power completely cured her. She has now been healed for 28 years.

Healed from Spinal T.B. Mrs Weaver of Hereford attended our Town Hall crusade suffering from a spinal disease. Many years later she testifies of complete healing having discarded her spinal support.

Delivered from Depression Pauline Davies suffered from depression over many years. When all other remedies failed she turned to Jesus. Today she is completely cured and testifies at our services.

Delivered from a Heart problem Sylvia Harries was an internal decorator but this caused a serious heart problem. Attending our services in West Wales she was completely healed by the power of the Lord. This happened 20 years ago.

Healing of damaged Ribs Stanley Jones was seriously hurt in a road accident. His ribs were bruised and damaged causing severe pain. Attending our crucade in Camarthen Stanley was instantly healed by the Lord’s power.

Saved from drowning Bill Wright served in the Royal Navy during the siege of Malta. His ship was torpedoed by a German submarine and he jumped overboard. Bill was miraculously saved and witnessed to God’s goodness and saving grace for many years.

Delivered from Cancer Glyn Thomas became seriously ill with lung cancer. Visiting his home we anointed him with oil and prayed positively for his release. Glyn made a miraculous recovery and twenty years later is pastor of a Church in South Wales.

Divine Deliverance George Pearson collects his retirement pension without fail from the Post Office at 9 a.m. This week he was twenty minutes late. Three masked gunmen stormed the Post Office at 9 a.m. and terrorised customers. George arrived when it was all over.

Our Prayers answered David and Angela longed to have a child. After many fruitless months they attended our crusade services in Central London. Positive prayer and God’s blessing brought results and they are now parents of a beautiful baby.

Hip Joint Miracle Stephen King was born with a bone missing from his hip joint. X-rays revealed this fact. Following prayer and Divine healing, to the amazement of all, the hip joint became normal. Subsequent X-rays proved this. Stephen’s remarkable story was televised by the BBC. See Stephen's Video Links Below

Uplifting Jesus There are so many different ministries and names in circulation today with conversations centred around personalities and experiences. Let us redress this imbalance and place Jesus where He rightly belongs in the centre of everything. Let's talk about Jesus, His deeds, doctrine and ministry. Let us uplift and glorify His Holy Name.

*Stephen Kings right-hip miracle happened
back in 1974...THE BBC (WALES) tv unit did a
follow-up 15min documentary 37 years later
Feb 2010- Filmed on Saundersfoot beach...
It was a very special re-union for Peter Scothern & Stephen King...

as you can imagine!

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# During a recording by BBCtv (Wales) February 2010 - KCTVMEDIA filmed the
following footage on Saundersfoot Beach in the warm sunshine...

This was amazing - as the rest of the country was affected by snowy weather & low temperatures!

We had perfect filming conditions !!! Awesome day for every body - including the BBC (WALES) - film crew!

Above: Silvia & Stephen have a cuddle & catch up on family news after 37 years - lots to talk about!

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