Rev. Samuel Bobor writes to Rev. Peter Scothern:-

Choice greetings in the lovely name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We thank and appreciate your support throughout the year 2003 and 2004with prayers and financial supports and fatherly covering, may the Lord continue to enlarge your coast in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Words are inadequate to express our deepest gratuities and appreciations, without your faithfulness, we would have suffered set backs in our ministry. With your steadfastness in prayers and your Macedonia offering to us a lot of ministries came in consultation with the Voice of Deliverance to organise seminars, workshops and mini Crusades for the development of local churches in our communities. Three new ministries were added to this commission. We thank the Lord and you for the new idea created in this newsletter, it gives us other assistances to faithfully work for the Master Jesus.

Sierra Leone for Jesus Campaign for Jesus 2004.

We always pray for our enemies because without enemy in the ministry work, you lack vision of going forward, it is through opposition that you can be able to fecundate yourself. Your enemy can bring you down and later elevate you. Paul was molested during his missionary journey and even put to prison. In missionary journeys, there is lots of persecution especially when your commission is blessed. Thank God for the Voice of Deliverance Ministries in Sierra Leone to withstand all these trials and was able to launch the Jesus Campaign in 2004 by Rev. Samuel Bobor and team

Fax. Field Report in Sierra Leone from Rev. Samuel Bobor.

Dear Brother Peter,

The nation has changed I believe since the Peter Scothern Leone Ministries..... During our recent crusade in 2002, we had an awesome time of Ministry in the Spirit and the will of the people is very strong as a result of the aid they received in 2003. The vision is alive in Sierra Leone today..... God is pouring out His Spirit in an awesome demonstration of His Power and Glory..... Our goal is to see 50,000 souls converted and planted in local churches throughout Sierra Leone, in our towns and villages and throughout the world in the next twenty years, if Jesus should tarry. I don't know if words can begin to explain what Rev. Peter Scothern means to me..... As a Spiritual Father you have protected us, guided us, instructed us, corrected us, exhorted us, encouraged and inspired us to have a closer, deeper walk with God and increase our understanding of the Spiritual Realm as has no other human.....Through your impact on me, it is my duty to serve your ministry throughout my life..... Rev. Peter Scothern taught us the Truth, that the Lord has placed in his heart and he did his best to pass his wisdom and knowledge on to us..... He shaped the lives of multitudes of our young ministers equipping us to carry the fire of revival in this final outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We, the people of Sierra Leone thank God for the vision which was birthed in the heart of this apostle of God..... Peter, we are grateful for our relationship in creating a ministry in Sierra Leone..... Rev. Samuel Bobor.



A Sierra Leone newspaper 'The Independent Voice' has printed a full centre spread on the ministry of Voice of Deliverance to the amputees in war-traumatised Sierra Leone. (Below is an edited report)

Voice of Deliverance (VOD), a Christian charitable organisation which has been very instrumental in promoting education, health and sanitation, arts and culture, skills promotion and small scale industries both in Freetown and the provinces over the years, is not relenting in its drive to save this war- ravaged nation ..... This charitable organisation has just concluded donating an assortment of carpentry and masonry tools to the amputees at the Aberdeen Amputee Camp. During the ceremony the Pastor-in-Charge, Pastor Samuel Bobor, noted that since 2001 VOD have been helping the amputees with medical and clothing needs and he indicated that VOD has in mind skill training programmes to improve and enhance self-reliance in the lives of the amputees...... He states, 'Our organisation has a vision to transforming your seeming incapability to skill orientation, we shall provide your children with skill training which can be of more value to you in the future; more projects are in the pipeline, but it will all depend on how you respond and relate to the help given..... We are training you to be independent, useful citizens so that you will not have to resort to begging..... I promise to be with you at all times to note your commitment and dedication which will certainly encourage ours and other organisations to come to your aid with diverse programmes.' He encouraged them to be courageous and to remember that whatever they achieved would be of great interest to the public. He also said, "This is the time that God has marked through you to show His wonders." Responding, Chairman Jaka thanked Pastor Bobor for the wonderful donation and said for over five years there has been no organisation that has come up with such a wonderful idea to train amputees..... He pointed out that VOD had made them believe in life after death as they are considered by most people as either dead or useless people in society..... now we can be seen to be as useful as other people with two hands. He further stated that Pastor Bobor had always been kind to them and this donation of tools came as no surprise: he thanked VOD for their compassionate ministry and any other organisations who have helped. He ended with a plea that the Government and others would emulate the example set by VOD to ensure that the amputees and children across our nation would have a worthwhile future and not have to resort to begging.



Testimony confirmed by Rev. Samuel Bobor and local Pastors in Freetown.

Sister Mamie was a Muslim converted last year during Rev. Peter Scothern's Peace Crusade in Freetown Sierra leone. (October 2002)..... Mamie gave birth to a baby girl in May. She was nursed by a Private Birth Attendant .....Ten minutes after she had given birth everyone left her to rest. It was then that she started to bleed profusely ..... Before the Birth Attendant knew anything about the bleeding Mamie became unconscious and since there was no blood to give her she died.....The Pastor placed an Anointed Prayer Cloth on her from Rev. Peter Scothern and she was raised from the dead back to life.


Sierra Leone Peace Crusade Mission

Oct. 5th -- 15th 2002

The invitation to hold a conference and crusade for the Christian Churches in Freetown, Sierra Leone came from Bishop Samuel S. Bobor who said,

"The wind of change is blowing in the land and it needs to be reinforced.

Rev. Scothern your ministry is known to many of us and the impact has come

through the corridors of history." He was referring to the Revival Crusades of the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s.

Peter Scothern and his team of six co-workers had the joy of ministering at special

morning teaching seminars and evening gospel/healing meetings.

500 Representatives (Pastors and Church Officials) attended the seminars.

Peter in his own words expressed his joy following the crusade.

"We laughed and we cried in Sierra Leone; we laughed for joy witnessing so many seeking souls, hungry for Christ’s Salvation, Healing and Deliverance......We cried for the heart aching scenes of a nation scorched by the searing flames of Civil War, the looks of despair and for the broken shattered bodies we witnessed.

Scores of Pastors travelled miles from up country to attend our morning seminars. One group of 40 brethren endured a coach disaster but managed to press through.

One of my great joys was to learn that in the churches of today, many Pastors and Elders were once young Christians converted during my previous Gospel Crusades.

Overflowing Congregations

The churches eventually filled to capacity, some to overflowing! In spite of the shattered roads and pathways they flocked to the services. Young, aged, families, children, babes in arms, .... a ceaseless tide !

One church was located near a junior school and hundreds of uniformed youngsters literally overwhelmed us like a swarm of bees. We were received everywhere with open arms and warm embraces.

A Harvest of Souls

Every member of my dedicated team worked tirelessly to deliver God’s Message and Ministry. The anointed preaching and praying left a deep impact on numerous lives. Many souls were quickened and saved......... Many received the Healing touch of the Lord.

Demons were exorcised and believers filled with the Holy Ghost.

All present revealed a hunger for God, the likes of which I have not seen for years!

We were warmly welcomed at the Mayor’s Office, Major Furgusson clearly remembers the Great Revival Crusades of the 60’s and 70’s and the unforgettable miracles of Grace and Healing. We prayed for him and his staff.

Freetown is a bustling, busy capital with 300,000 inhabitants. Thousands of refugees reside within it’s borders. They are determined to mend and heal their city.

Many live in severe poverty but they strive to improve their lot...... They deserve our help .....They deserve our assistance and by God’s grace we will respond to their heart cry !"

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